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 +====== Better Battery Cradle ======
 +The original under-chassis battery cradle wasn't perfect, it was a bit of a pain to lift a battery into as it was quite a tight fit, and as it turned out the Trojan battery we had was ~5mm larger and wouldn'​t fit in. So we made a new one, thanks to Mike for the loan of his metal folder.
 +Old cradle left, new cradle right:
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​600/​127_CC2/​IMG_3808.JPG }}
 +It picks up on existing holes in the outriggers so is very simple to fit. It's 1.5mm steel, with the front lip folded right over - this gives it a bit of strength and also makes sliding a battery in much easier. Battery is held in with a regular bar style battery clamp.
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