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 +===== Removing old wiring =====
 +The ambulance originally had a mains hookup for a battery charger & block heater, however the both had long since gone and the hookup box on the rear outrigger was crusty as anything. This also meant there was quite a lot of extra cabling knocking round underneath making the place untidy, so for now we've removed it all:
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​300/​127_CC2/​IMG_3701.JPG }}
 +It also had electric windows fitted by the previous previous owner, for ease of paying foreign tolls in a RHD vehicle. Unfortunately the mechanisms were past it, so we replaced them with original wind-up versions. I took the opportunity to remove the switches and wiring:
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​300/​127_CC2/​IMG_3751.JPG }}
 +I then filled one gap with an indicator insert that shows the status of the engine cooling fans, and re-purposed the siren switch (horn icon) to turn on the USB charging sockets fitted in the dash, they have an annoying blue LED (my pet hate) and putting them on a switch means they can be switched on when parked if needed rather than being on the ignition live. The final slot currently has the serial cable for the Megasquirt ECU poking through, when I get a moment I'll make a proper insert to tidy it up.
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​500/​127_CC2/​IMG_3866.JPG }}
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