Camper Conversion Mk2

A.K.A “Camper Conversion Mk2: Electric BoogaPortaloo



After building Mk1 and going to Switzerland, we came back with a laundry list of things to change, improve, sort out, finish off…

Things we didn't quite finish

  • Toilet door was a shower curtain
  • Kitchen tap was not plumbed in (most camp sites have facilities anyway)
  • Roof vents were blanked off
  • Night heater was un-tested

Things we decided needed to change

  • The f*$%#ing futon we bought to act as the seat & mattress was just hateful - it was uncomfortable, weighed as much as the moon, and moving it was like trying to pick up a sleeping cat sedated hippo dipped in grease.
  • The bed itself worked well but was a bit of a faff to put up & take down, and after staggering back from the pub in the cold it wasn't a welcome chore.
  • We needed to get the night-heater working, it can get chilly in the night in Switzerland
  • Gas bottle needed to go outside
  • The 3-way fridge was a failure
  • Some sort of mains-hookup might be good
  • Rear step was a bit of a pain


Sneak Preview

I haven't finished writing this all up yet (and, indeed, some of it's not yet finished) but this came out so well I thought I'd post a picture up:

To be Continued

  • Bathroom Light
  • Cubby Box
  • and whatever else I've forgotten

Typing in progress… stuff will appear here as and when I have time to add to it.

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