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 +====== Stereo ======
 +Not showing the construction as this took way too long, the first try went horribly wrong, and behind the scenes it's not as tidy as I'd like. Also, I can't remember who borrowed my 30mm Q-Max punch but I ended up making a new one on the lathe out of sheer bloody mindedness, which worked nicely but took far too long.
 +The stereo is a dirty cheap (£15) Chinese eBay offering which has no CD mechanism - it plays radio, bluetooth, USB stick, Aux input, and SD cards, critically it's also incredibly shallow. The unit itself is ~100mm deep but if you dismantle the case the middle ~75mm of it is just air, so we binned the case, mounted the front panel to the front, and hung the other half just behind it resulting in the least obtrusive dash binnacle we could manage.
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​500/​127_CC2/​IMG_3863.JPG }}
 +Speakers were cheapy Halfrauds 6x9 jobs, wild claims about their wattage on the box are given the lie by the fact they'​re supplied with doorbell wire to hook them up :​hysterical:​ but that's fine as the eBay stereo is not going to trouble their power-handling abilities. Some head scratching required to make the mounting panels which hook into (yet again) existing holes in the interior and form an angle with the ceiling in the cab - CAD((Cardboard Aided Design)) to the rescue!
 +{{ http://​fuddymuckers.co.uk/​gallery/​s/​500/​127_CC2/​IMG_3838.JPG }}
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