Camper Power Mk2

This is very much a work in progress, I'm re-arranging bits from solar and fridge to go here as well.

Everything below here is not yet organised

Camper power sources

Now, there are all manner of complications that set in when you throw campers into the equation - a lot depends on what exactly your camper's fitted with (does it have any mains-powered stuff or is it all 12v?) and what you're doing with it (some people go camping to sit in their camper and watch TV… no, I don't know why). As mentioned in the solar page, driving about charges the battery relatively quickly anyway (if you have a good split charge unit), and when your house is also your transport you're unlikely to be parked for long periods. Caravans, by contrast, can get parked up for ages while the tow vehicle goes out having all the fun.

As we're not in the Winnebago league of having a full-size dishwasher and 24/7 air-con, and we're not in the boondocking category of parking up for extended periods with no activity, we just need cold beer and a light to drink it by when parked up for a few days in a field at an event.

Everything in the vehicle is 12v, so adding a mains hookup would only be charging the battery, at which point you're reliant on a chunky charger to make best use (and finding a charger which can tolerate being connected to a driving vehicle).

Decision time!

This issue came to a head for the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, which meant we'd be camped in a field for ~4 days straight. Cold beer is an essential requirement at this event so something must be done!

So the challenge is:

  • Keep the beers cold for up to 5 days
  • NO mains available
  • NO driving about
  • North-European weather (could be hot, could be cloudy)

The Mk1 fridge (standard 3-way caravan fridge) would consume a constant 100w day & night.

Solar panel from Alpha Batteries


Here's the 3-way running on 12v Vs the CRX50 running on 12v, as you can see, there's a fair difference!

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