LPG Tanks before:

Capped off:

My opinions on the noble craft of autogas installation have not been swayed by things like this bespoke tank strap tensioner:

…and the proliferation of un-trimmed cable ties, this one melting on the exhaust being a particularly excellent example of the safety-conscious LPG expert:

While I removed tank #1, Helen removed the carpentry on the other side, you can see just how much tank there was:

Because the tanks were “indoors”, it would seem when in use they attracted quite a lot of condensation, which collected on the floor and led to the rusty patina around the wheelboxes - hopefully it'll brush up and be OK, otherwise it's not the end of the world to make a couple of new boxes. Under one of the tanks was a trapdoor…


An Eberspacher B3L, yes a petrol-fired one! Currently not working (fuse blown & control knob fell off) but certainly looks like it could be revived.

Aaaah, that's better - fetch me a cat to swing!

On with the camper conversion!

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