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As purchased, the 127 has some very heavy duty springs plus helper springs, and Koni Heavy Track shocks.

Due to a crusty front shock turret failing the MOT we've got Gwyn Lewis shock towers on the front now.


  • Front ~1180kg (probably 1220kg)
  • Rear ~1600kg
  • Total 2820kg

The front number is less accurate as the weighbridge had a slope leading up to it, so wasn't going to be accurate without the vehicle sat fully level on it, but it's close enough. Weight is with me in it & half-packed with the usual camping gear.


Front: No idea what the fronts are but they aren't standard, the parts chaps in Gotts (who know everything and have a BIG book of every spring ever) couldn't ID them but reckon they're heavier than 110 HD fronts.

Rear: The rear springs are ANR3540, 8055kg/m or 451lb/in, Green/pink markings, plus the helper springs. The ANR3540 are fitted as standard to the rear of Pulse (Wolf-spec) ambulances which are wider & longer & quite possibly heavier.

For the helpers, the only info I can find currently is for RRC3266 helper springs which are rated at 140lb/in :blink: which puts the back end springing at 591lb/in total :ohmy: which TSD has pointed out that compressing the springs more than 3“ would mean the truck is over it's rated weight limit :rtfm:

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