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 ====== Step 10: The inevitable backlash! ====== ====== Step 10: The inevitable backlash! ======
 +In [[8-mill-something|Step 8]] we found some backlash and reduced it by tightening the end nuts, but that's not a perfect solution - too tight and the nuts bind up as the shaft spins, too loose and the thing comes undone again!
 +So, I bought some M6 half-nuts (left-hand thread for the Y axis, normal for the X axis) to allow me to take the play out and then lock the nut in place.
 +I haven'​t fitted them yet, I am hoping to also make some new end-plates ([[http://​www.jarkman.co.uk/​catalog/​cnc/​russmf70.htm|like this guy]]) with deep groove bearings to improve matters further.
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