Learning CNC Step-by-step


I bought a Proxxon MF70 micro-mill with a basic but neatly done CNC conversion from a key-cutting outfit and I am going to learn from zero to hopefully turning out some useful stuff.


If you have a lathe and a mill you can rebuild civilisation from scratch. Also, CNC mills are super-useful for neat stuff like control panels, brackets, jigs, mountings, etc. or just anything where you need a set of holes which are all in the right place relative to each other.

This video from Project Binky shows the sort of swanky bracketeering you can achieve with a hobby mill.

This video shows what the big boys can do.

Why write about it?


Basically because there's a lot of stuff to think about and you've gotta write it down somewhere, so why not here where it might help someone else solve a problem?

Step on!

Step 1: Buy a mill! - my mill, what is it, specs, what can it do, etc.

Step 2: Get some software! - Installing Linux CNC in a virtual machine. 1st steps to test if LinuxCNC kinda works with my mill and if I can fly it.

Step 3: Mill something! - or, don't actually mill something but still success.

Step 4: Get more software! - Some CAD and CAM to go with your CNC, just in case there aren't enough TLA's here.

Step 5: Don't mill something else - Getting a shape from a drawing package to the mill

Step 6: Get a real computer - Building finding a PC to run LinuxCNC

Step 7: Put it in the shed! - Or why you need somewhere to put your mill that can stand being covered in swarf.

Step 8: Mill something! - For real this time!

Step 9: Buy more bits! - Shopping!

Step n: ...Profit!

…to be continued!

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