Chase Driving

Or “the story of my favourite photo ever”

This was taken by Mikko, leaning out the back of James' SJ, the official HOFS Chase Car for Mouse, at Trophy Raid Ladoga 2008. The 109 was the official technical support car, being the only other vehicle we had with portals.

Having gotten from Basingstoke to St Petersburg pretty much non-stop, Jez and Kimi had arrived at the start of the 1st stage in Mouse to realise they hadn't actually topped up with fuel since, um, ever.

An urgent text went out to the support crew, and we had to get a long way into the sticks with all the jerry cans ASAP. Unfortunately, due to the condition of the roads, this coach full of German tourists was weaving very slowly around all the potholes and holding up a huge queue of traffic - and the trucks coming the other way were doing the same. There were about 5 lanes of cars in 2 lanes of road, all weaving in different directions.

Seconds before this photo was taken, James came on the radio and uttered the immortal words:

Fuck it, we don't have time for this! Despatch mode!

and with that, the SJ was on the (un-made) hard shoulder and screaming down the inside in a cloud of dust.


that's all you need, even though you can't see through the dust cloud - hang a right and floor it.

With Mikko looking out for me to emerge safely from the dust, happening to still have his camera in hand, he snapped this photo which sums up so much about the entire trip in a single shot.

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