Random Photos

Size comparison: Standard 110, Eddie, Unimog: fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_ju_not_so_big_now.jpg

Testing the theory that V8's can't run in water - thanks to the Megasquirt I was driving round quite happily here, although my lower half was cold & wet: fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_7s_dunk.jpg

OK, the car was already dead, but… CRUSH! fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_eddie_crush.jpg

Playing in a hole with Shire LRC: fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_bunny_splash.jpg

Testing flex, not bad for an old shed on leaf springs: fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_eddie_flex_brox.jpg

Just built, testing clearance: fuddymuckers.co.uk_gallery_s_800_eddie_random_clearance.jpg

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