• Shire Land Rover Club - a lovely bunch of muddy folks who we do a lot of mucking about with.
  • LR4x4 Forum - Probably the best Land Rover and general 4×4 forum on the net


Yes, I do have some.

Places to buy (Land Rover) stuff

Places to buy (Other) stuff

Where Dave got his roof tent mattress / cushions / covers, and we got our seat cushions & covers:

Camping Gear

  • Alpkit do decent head torches despite being painfully hip.
  • OBriens camping have an ugly website with some useful information on it

Volvo Portal Axle Parts

Overlanding Things


Interesting Overland Vehicles

Camper Conversions

Collected camper conversions for inspiration, ideas to steal, and things to avoid:

Other 127 & 130 Ambulances

Random Technical Stuff

Getting Out & About

Generally Useful Suppliers

1) not really
2) very not really
3) billionaire
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