Land Rover bits

  • Keith Gott Alton - my local Land Rover parts counter
  • Brit-car helpful guys for mail order Land Rover + Jaguar parts
  • Advanced Factors helpful source for Land Rover parts in Southampton
  • Megasquirt-V8 for everything to do with Megasquirt for the Rover V8, plus uprated pinned diffs, lockers, etc.

Mechanical Bits

Oils / Paints

  • Smith & Allen oils & lubricants, like them on facebook for a discount code. Then un-like them again for thinking that's a good idea.
  • Arc-Rite - where we got the NATO Green aerosol paint for the wheels, seems like very good stuff.
  • Corroless - a good reputation for anti-corrosion paints (sold by Arc-Rite above), also fuel/water tank internal coatings

Bearings / Seals


Other Stuff

Electrical Bits

Camping Gear

  • Alpkit do decent head torches despite being painfully hip.
  • OBriens camping have an ugly website with some useful information on it

Volvo Portal Axle Parts

Other Stuff

Where Dave got his roof tent mattress / cushions / covers, and we got our seat cushions & covers:

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