Technical Stuff

Builds & rebuilds worth following

  • Range Rover classic restoration - beautiful work by Retropower.
  • Owl's 88" Trialler build a very nice trialler build.
  • Project Binky - the guys from BadObsession are building a 4WD mini, some great work and some terrible jokes. I have stolen several ideas from them already.
  • SOUP Classic Motoring - a guy in a shed restoring his classic cars with no money and learning as he goes, warts and all. A great series if you're new to tinkering with cars or want to restore something.

Megasquirt Stuff

Car Hacking


Random Technical Stuff

Collected camper conversions

For inspiration, ideas to steal, and things to avoid:

Other Land Rover Ambulances

Madness, just madness

not really
very not really
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