Cool and Unusual Vehicles

Land Rovers

SteveB is both a smashing chap and he also has a rather unique 109, looks normal at 1st glance but count the wipers…

Diff's old 109 “Clarence” in the Algerian dunes, absolutely timeless photo:

The 2nd-to-last one is how an old Series 1 should look:

Uncommon convertible 2-door Range Rover spotted on Hayling Island, probably looks better in California:

Archive photo nicked from BBC website article on the first plane hijack, bit classier than those naughty talibans in their old hiluxes:

The famous Oxford & Cambridge expedition:

The main man himself:

Darien Gap expedition RR:

Can't remember where I found this but I really hope that racer is lighter than it looks:

Bluebird Land Speed Record:


Rally Roller, very classy:

I have no idea if they ever made these, but I kinda would…

To quote whatsherface in that Bond movie, no-one out horsepowers a 2CV:

Rare Camel vehicle spotted in Bulgaria:

Redbull PR vehicle - Volvo Sugga with pop-up DJ booth, turned out to be built on a 110 chassis:

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