Dumb stuff

Intended as a small homage to the (now seemingly offline) FrankenTaco's Scary Steering Pages which became such a favourite across the internet - they make you laugh, cry, and hopefully think twice before picking up a spanner.

LR4x4 has its own “Pass the bucket - eBay horrors” thread which can be entertaining.

JustRolledIntoTheShop and related reddit pages also serve as a terrible warning to humanity.

This is what is meant by “Breakover angle”:

This is why articulation is still useful even if you have all the traction aids:

This abomination was created by a well-known Land Rover specialist of some repute, why people keep buying gaudy cack from them is anyone's guess:

This is not dumb, but it is amusing:

From the Land Rover owners manual no less!

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