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   * [[stop_using_stainless|Stop using stainless fasteners on your Land Rover!]]   * [[stop_using_stainless|Stop using stainless fasteners on your Land Rover!]]
   * [[overoverlanding|Over-the-top Overland Rigs]]   * [[overoverlanding|Over-the-top Overland Rigs]]
 +  * Why touchscreens in cars don't work: [[https://​uxdesign.cc/​why-touchscreens-dont-work-in-cars-69b6ff3d4355|Article]] / [[https://​news.ycombinator.com/​item?​id=17591602|Hacker News Comments]]
 +    * Someone wrote it for me so I don't need to rant about it :tongue:
 +    * Voice control sucks too.
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