Stop using stainless fasteners on your Land Rover!

tl;dr: “Stainless makes corrosion worse and is brittle”

Reason #1 - Galvanic Corrosion

Wikipedia explains why it's a bad idea, I put this page here basically just to try and help any passers-by.

Stainless pipe onto aluminium casting equals…

Reason #2 - Hardness is not Toughness

Stainless fasteners are very hard but they are very brittle, so they will snap under loads rather than stretch or bend. It is positively dangerous to use them for towing attachments, recovery points, wheel studs, brake callipers, steering, suspension… basically anywhere the manufacturer of your vehicle used a high-strength steel fastener.

Reason #3 - Galling

Stainless fasteners are way more prone to galling - binding up and self-welding - and when that happens you've now got an incredibly hard thing stuck somewhere. It's harder to drill a stainless fastener out, and if it's into a softer parent metal your drill bit is going to want to wander to the soft stuff.

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