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Click for some Viz Top Tips! Assorted little bits and bobs I've collected over the years.

Temperature labels You can get these in a variety of ranges. If you want to know how hot something is getting, slap one on! The number of people who fit additional oil or gearbox coolers without ever knowing if their oil or gearbox is actually getting too hot is amazing! For a couple of quid you can find out. I stick 'em on the inlet to the rad, sometimes on my oil filters, but I've seen them used in racing stuck to gearboxes, oil & fuel pumps, brake calipers, manifolds, hubs, driveshafts - basically, you name it!

Stuck Nuts / Bolts

Methods of attack

There's many, many articles, tips and instructional guides on the internet so I thought I'd add my favourites to the mix.

  • Breaker bar
    • Sometimes, just using a nice long bar to apply more force (carefully) is enough to “crack” a stuck fastener. Adapters to drop from larger sizes (EG 1/2“ to 3/8”) can be handy but obviosuly you're then taking the socket out of its design limits.
    • 3/4“ and 1” drive ratchets (especially the ones with telescopic handles) can be got for relatively cheap, again with a reducing adapter they make very sturdy breaker bars - even a cheap 3/4“ ratchet is going to be pretty robust.
  • Sacrificial tools
    • Having some cheap sockets / hex bits / spanners etc. is very handy. You can hammer a slightly-too-small socket over a rounded nut, or hammer an over-size torx bit into a stripped socket cap (allen key) head allowing you to get some good leverage.
  • Weld it

Work Lamps

Asda / Tesco / Ikea £3 desk lamps are the worklights of the gods and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!

Add an LED bulb and they're cool, bright, posable, take knocks and scrapes, and are so cheap they're disposable.

For larger areas, an LED-fluorescent-tube can be wired straight to the mains (no fitting) and provides an awesome interior light:

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